Optimize human performance and comfort, anywhere.

Now it’s possible to get accurate plantar pressure and gait data in any test environment, powered by XSENSOR’s Intelligent Dynamic Sensing.

Our technology is used world-wide by these industry leaders.

Lab Quality Data.

The X4 Foot & Gait wireless system is optimized to provide the most accurate plantar pressure and gait data possible in any test environment.  You can expect lab-quality data and high-speed recording with this system comprised of compact on-shoe electronics and high-resolution insole sensors. The ease of use and assurance of quality test data is purpose-built for biomechanics professionals and clinicians.


Intelligent Dynamic Sensing

XSENSOR’s Intelligent Dynamic Sensing, gives you the most quality pressure images available and easy-to-use tools like auto step detection. Perform gait analysis immediately or use flexible export options for outside analysis.

Wireless & Undetectable

Athletes and research subjects can execute any natural motion without measurement influence -- the thin, flexible sensors and compact on-shoe are undetectable to the user.

Reliable Sensors & Electronics

The sensors are durable and well-suited for continuous use in research or sports performance testing.  You can trust our sensors to be ready to support your testing and to be trouble-free for hundreds of sessions. 

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