Process Control & Verification

XSENSOR's industrial sensors for manufacturing engineers who need confidence in applied pressure, alignment, and flatness for production processes provide the most accurate pressure profiles.

Inaccurate quality assurance testing is costly and can result in loss of business and productivity and at worst, create major liability issues.

For products applications like wafer polishing, verifying uniform pressure is key to production yield — if you manufacture goods that rely on nip or pinch rollers, ensuring their weight is evenly distributed is critical in maintaining production standards.

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semiconductor processing

Eliminate semiconductor processing defects.

Ensure your silicon wafer grinding equipment applies uniform pressure and prevent even the smallest of defects from compromising your wafers.

Pressure profiles of polishing heads can be evaluated using our high-accuracy, high-resolution LX sensors. This is especially important in wafer polishing applications where equipment is designed to remove microns at a time.


INLINe quality assurance

Maximize inline quality in manufacturing processes.

Use pressure sensors in your automated testing procedures for inline quality assurance testing.

Verify that materials meet acceptance parameters for performance and manufacturing defects.

Test the surface pressure of your products, such as seat construction, foam, or gasket material.



Maintain alignment in nip and pinch rollers.

Verify pressure distribution between nip and pinch rolls. Get continuous thickness and compressibility across the entire contact area.

With the nip roller sensor, you can measure pressure distribution without disrupting the balance of your rollers.

Using a proprietary diamond-shaped design that maximizes the sensing elements and eliminates electronic noise when measuring, our sensors offers the most accurate visualization of your nip footprint.


Specifications & Performance

XSENSOR's process control and verification sensors provide accurate repeatable measurements to characterize your product or process interface. Understand uniformity and magnitude of applied pressures.

Fast response time, minimal drift and hysteresis ensure consistent measurements for in-line quality assurance testing. Stable calibrations ensure your sensors are always ready to use without recalibration.

Save valuable production and set-up time with fast set-up and easy-to-interpret graphical and visual presentation of measurements.

Accurate, repeatable pressure sensors measure with ±5% accuracy — maintains accurate measurements for thousands of cycles without recalibration.

High spatial resolution with sensel size to 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm provide pressure details of the smallest surface features.

Fast sensor response and sensor resolution of 0.01 psi ensure even the smallest variation in interface pressures are captured.

Ultra-thin sensing area, our LX sensors are under 1 mm and are conformable measuring contoured surfaces accurately.

Custom covering materials available to meet the needs of industrial applications.

Comprehensive software toolkit for analysis or direct data acquisition options.

Process Control & Verification
Resolution mm (In)
Use Case
Pressure RANGE
N/cm2 (psi)

Sensing area
cm x cm (In x In)


2.54 (0.1)

Wafer Polishing

0.07 - 2.7
(0.1 - 3.87)

25.4 x 25.4
(10 x 10)


2.54 (0.1)

Gasket Seals

0.14 - 10.34
(0.2 - 15)

25.4 x 25.4
(10 x 10)


2.54 (0.1)

Medium-Spray Pressure

0.07 - 10.3
(0.1 - 15)

16 x 32
(6.3 x 12.6)


5.08 (0.2)

Low-Pressure Spray

0.07 - 2.7
(0.1 - 3.9)

25.4 x 25.4
(10 x 10)


5.08 (0.2)

High-Spray Pressure

3.4 - 207
(5 - 300)

25.6 x 25.6
(10.1 x 10.1)


0.64 x 6.4
(0.025 x 0.25)

Nip Roller

0.7 - 88.3
(1 - 128)

2 x 61
(0.8 x 24)


2.54 x 5.08
(0.1 x 0.2)

Windshield Wiper

0.07 - 2.7
(0.1 - 3.9)

2.54 x 81.3
(1 x 32)


3.18 (0.125)

Brake Pad

6.9 - 353
(10 - 512)

57.2 x 14.3
(22.5 x 5.6)


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