Intelligent Dynamic Sensing enables precise measurements, highly-detailed visualizations, rich data, and AI-powered analysis.

Intelligent Real-time

Powerful software can continually reveal both surface and dynamic data in real-time.

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing (IDS) reveals the hidden data across product, consumer, clinical, and human body performance applications. Deployed across the cloud, mobile, and desktop.


Capture accurate pressure data using maximum performance sensing.

Measure. Visualize.

Process measurements with the high-quality visualizations.

Optimize. Adapt.

Analyze, optimize, and adapt surface conditions using our AI/ML technology.


Measure and visualize surface data anywhere.

Cloud-powered workflows reveal, monitor, alert, and analyze data from surfaces and dynamic motion in human performance and continuous skin monitoring scenarios.

Data can aggregate in the cloud, privately and securely. Combined with public and private data-sets, it can drive insight, identify anomalies, and predict outcomes.



Get lab-quality data on the go.

Configure sensors and capture sessions while on the go—no compromises.

XSENSOR's mobile solutions for human performance mean you can get out of the lab and still collect the best quality plantar pressure and gait data available. For tire testing engineers, mobile sensing solutions enable you to capture real-time data on the racetrack. 

For healthcare with the continuous skin monitoring viewer, XSENSOR enables your hospital nursing staff to check patient status at the bedside and on the go — improving patient safety and staff workload productivity.



Improve safety, comfort, and human performance at your workstation.

Desktop solutions help you in the lab, hospital, or retail environments.

XSENSOR has the best customers in the world, which drives us to become the industry’s best platform for capturing and measuring interface pressure, as well as analyzing and visualizing the data. XSENSOR desktop systems connect to the cloud and with the power of our AI/ML-powered platform we can predict and optimize workflows and outcomes.


Specifications & Performance

XSENSOR’s software displays pressure images with superb quality ensuring the smallest measured features are easily identifiable.  Accurate sensor measurements processed by our 16-bit signal processing electronics ensure you start with reliable high-resolution data.

With software that utilizes AI/ML and/or proprietary algorithms, advanced data-processing features ensure quick access to actionable time series data.

Complete user specific tools in an intuitive layout are designed with the users' workflow in mind.

Highest quality visualizations for observational assessment

Purpose designed user-friendly software for clinical, product design, human performance, and mattress retail applications

AI/ML technology implemented to improve productivity

Advanced algorithms streamline data processing

Export ready data for advanced external analysis

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Continuous Skin Monitoring
Human Performance
Product Design & Safety Testing
Sleep Improvement

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Best Practices for Selecting Pressure Imaging Systems

Many pressure sensor manufacturers make claims about accuracy that almost never translate into reliable readings in the field. This guide will explain: how many factors can affect pressure sensor accuracy, including the type of sensor (capacitive vs. resistive); how a sensor is manufactured; what calibration process is used; and how long the sensor can be used before it needs re-calibration.

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