Human Performance

Gathering precise plantar pressure and gait data can provide key insights, enabling you to optimize research, athletic performance, and patient comfort.

By the Numbers


Sports and recreational
injuries in the US.


Average American's
number of steps per day.


Separate the top 5 world's fastest 100 m sprinters.


Without the data revealed by Intelligent Dynamic Sensing, footwear and clothing can compromise performance, comfort, and safety.

In clinical, sports performance, or research applications, existing plantar pressure and gait measurement products are not suitable for real-world testing.

Existing equipment may not have a high enough sensor resolution or sampling frequency to capture data accurately, or it may not be durable enough to be used on outdoor terrain, or offer much-needed wireless or mobile capabilities.


Reveal accurate gait and motion data to help biomechanics professionals optimize human performance.

Gain insights for human performance or biomechanics research with accurate plantar pressure and gait data and advanced analysis tools.

Validate gait interventions with powerful, highly-detailed visualizations.

Evaluate orthotic effectiveness and comfort and reduce the risk of injury with reliable and repeatable plantar pressure data.


Intelligent Dynamic Sensing reveals hidden data across industrial, consumer, clinical, and human body performance applications.

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