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The Intelligent Insoles | Pro is a plantar pressure and gait measurement system for athletic coaches and sports performance professionals that captures lab-quality biomechanical and human performance data in the field.

It can be challenging to measure plantar pressure and analyze gait accurately, consistently, and in the environments where activity normally takes place: outside of the lab. In the past, capturing natural gait has been limited because current products are not suited for real-world testing.

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Intelligent Insoles | Pro

Evaluate gait, plantar pressure, and foot function with insole sensors that are reliable and durable enough to accurately capture data wherever activity takes place — and without compromising natural motion.

Avoid set-up and recalibration issues that can be costly and impact the accuracy of your data.


XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles | Pro gait measurement device.


Get out of the lab. Optimize athletic performance.

Gain precise insights into athletic activity with insoles that are built for collecting lab-quality data in the field.

Use wireless, undetectable sensors to collect plantar pressure data to inform intervention strategies and reduce the risk of athletic injuries.


Durable Hardware

Designed with robust sensors and electronics.

The sensors are durable and reliable, making them ideal for continuous use in research or sports performance testing.

The easy-to-use sensors are ready out of the box and support trouble-free testing.

Lab time is valuable and with the Intelligent Insoles | Pro users can keep set-up time to minutes.


XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles | Pro gait analysis device.

Plantar Pressure & gait analysis software

Feature-rich software and highly-detailed visualizations.

XSENSOR’s Pro Foot & Gait software provides high-resolution images for fast, confident decision making.

With the easy-to-use file manager, users can display and compare multiple recordings side-by-side, complete with summary statistics and measurements, and generate reports.


XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles | Pro gait analysis equipment.

Specifications & Performance

Collect lab-quality data in the field. Our insole sensor system provides accurate high-speed, high-resolution plantar pressure and gait measurement data.

For human or sports performance testing, proven calibration stability enables the collection of thousands of cycles of data with only minutes of set-up.

Accurate, repeatable sensors with ±5% full-scale error and fast sensor response—plus high-resolution data from (up to) 235 sensels/foot provide rich datasets for analysis.

High-speed collection up to 150 Hz with long battery life and on-board memory support autonomous data collection. Integrated IMU capability provides additional contextual data for analysis.

Durable construction and factory calibration means the sensors are reliable for continuous use in research and sports performance testing.

Advanced AI-powered gait analysis tools provide insights for human performance or biomechanics research.

Intelligent insoles | Pro Sensors
Insole Sensor
RESOLUTION (Varies by Insole Sensor size)



7-9.4 mm

0.7-88.3 n/cm2 (1-128 psi)

36-48 (4-15)



10-13.4 mm

0.7-88.3 n/cm2 (1-128 psi)

36-48 (4-15)



7-9.4 mm

0.7-88.3 n/cm2 (1-128 psi)

36-48 (4-15)


7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gait Analysis System

Learn how the best plantar pressure and gait analysis technology can help you where athletic activities are meant to take place: out of the lab.

In this ebook, we’ll explore what you should consider when seeking lab quality data in the field.

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