The ForeSite® SS is a pressure imaging system that helps therapists and clinicians prevent pressure injuries in patients using wheelchairs.

One of the biggest factors affecting the continued health of wheelchair users is the safety of their wheelchair seating design. If elevated body surface pressures are not relieved, wheelchair patients are susceptible to tissue damage that can lead to the development of pressure injuries.

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ForeSite SS

ForeSite SS is the most advanced pressure imaging system available for wheelchair seating design. It combines accurate, reliable, and durable sensors, high-resolution images, and easy-to-use software designed with therapists in mind. The system is medically-certified.



Easily assess people using wheelchairs.

The system’s user-friendly tablet software requires minimal training and provides simple, easy-to-read visual results and statistics.

Advanced tools include anatomical markers, symmetry, and 3D views. Clinicians can set up a file for each client, save stills or videos of pressure images, then share them via email. Reports can be generated within the software.

Data security keeps your patients’ information safe using HIPAA-client data encryption.


Specifications & Performance

ForeSite SS features superior image quality and is cleanable, eliminating the need for disposable sleeves. It is durable, yet light and flexible for better conformability.

The extremely accurate sensor never needs to be re-calibrated — so you can rely on accurate pressure measurements for the entire life of the sensor.

Reliable pressure sensors measure with ±5% accuracy and do not need to be recalibrated.

Shows elevated pressures, and provides advanced tools to evaluate symmetry and mark anatomical features.

Provides superior image quality with 1,296 sensing points (5x more than competing systems) to ensure no details are missed.

Touchscreen tablet, pre-installed software, and wireless sensor are hassle-free.

Easy-to-use software makes it quick to record and compare multiple seating designs with easily transferable data and images.


Ultimate Guide to Pressure Injury Prevention in Hospitals

With tens of thousands of hospital-acquired pressure injuries developing every year in American hospitals, it’s important to implement prevention strategies that work — for your patients and your staff.

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