Continuous Skin Monitoring

Provide actionable information to help clinicians improve patient safety and increase staff workload productivity.

By the Numbers


Annual number of people in the US who develop pressure ulcers.


Number of  Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs) related patient deaths in the US per year.


Of HAPIs are attributed to the operating room.


Even though medical professionals spend much of their valuable time trying to prevent and manage pressure injuries — their rate of occurrence remains high.

Current approaches to pressure injury prevention are time-consuming and difficult to prioritize based on patient need. Clinicians lack the precise information needed to make evidence-based decisions on improving patient condition.


Pressure data is used to improve patient safety today along with predictive technology to prevent pressure injuries in the future.

Improve patient safety in hospital beds, operating rooms, and wheelchairs by giving clinicians visibility into areas of sustained pressure.

Optimize staff workload by helping them prioritize patients at risk of pressure injury.

Leverage AI technology to augment patient care.

Help prevent new pressure injuries from occurring.


Intelligent Dynamic Sensing reveals hidden data across industrial, consumer, clinical, and human body performance applications.

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