Tire Design & Performance Testing

Our High-Speed (HS) and X3 Tire systems provide tire design and test engineers with high-resolution contact patch data that is critical to understanding tire performance.

Measuring pressure on tire surfaces of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy equipment used in agriculture, mining, forestry, and construction in real conditions is hard — and even harder on a race track.

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XSENSOR's tire tread sensor.



High-Speed (HS) Tire System

The HS Tire system utilizes the all-new HX sensor technology and ultra-fast signal processing electronics. For the first time, tire design and test engineers can capture complete tire footprint data at high speed and evaluate using XSENSOR’s powerful Tire Testing software.

High-resolution sensors will capture fine tire tread features and record at over 450 Hz capturing multiple footprint images at speeds up to 150 km/h.



X3 Tire Testing System

Profile tires, perform tread contact analysis, and understand tire bead pressures. Our high-resolution tire sensors provide detailed tire footprint images and data for passenger and commercial tires.

For industrial tires our large scale sensors provide detailed footprint data for tires over 3 m diameter and can be used sub-soil.

Design and test engineers can use the Pro software to assess pressure profiles and make specific measurements and calculations which enable them to effectively compare tire mechanics.


Specifications & Performance

Evaluate tire performance with confidence using XSENSOR's high-resolution, reliable tire testing systems.

Get accurate, repeatable data with stable calibrations to validate tire designs.

Flexible platforms are easy to set-up and fully mobile for multi-location testing.

Advanced Pro software provides specialized tools for tire measurement and analysis.

Accurate, reliable sensors maintain their accuracy within ±5% ensuring you get consistent quality data.

Highest-resolution sensors with sensels 1.15 mm provide precise detail of even the smallest tire features.

Capture accurate high-resolution images in fully dynamic on-the-track conditions, up to 150 km/h for tire footprint analysis.

Custom tire sensors accommodate unique applications like tire testing machines, drums, and rubber track vehicles.

Tire Design & Performance Testing
Resolution mm (In)
Use Case
Pressure RANGE
N/cm2 (psi)

Sensing area
cm x cm (In x In)


1.15 (0.045)

Passenger Vehicle Tire

6.9 - 206
(10 - 300)

29.6 x 29.6
(11.6 x 11.6)


1.56 (0.061)

Passenger Vehicle Tire

6.9 - 206
(10 - 300)

40 x 40
(15.7 x 15.7)


5.08 (0.2)

Agricultural Vehicle Tire

6.9 - 206
(10 - 300)

97.5 x 97.5
(38.4 x 38.4)


5.08 (0.2)

Off-Highway Vehicle Tire

6.9 - 206
(10 - 300)

65 x 65
(25.6 x 25.6)


5.08 (0.2)

Tire Bead

6.9 - 353
(10 - 512)

1.5 (0.6)


Product Catalog

Get the latest info on XSENSOR Product Design & Safety Testing products and sensor specifications in this comprehensive Test & Measurement product catalog.

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