XSENSOR's pressure sensors measure the performance of surfaces — capturing static and dynamic data with industry-leading speed, accuracy, repeatability, and durability.


Intelligent Dynamic Sensing (IDS) Platform

From continuously monitoring clinical surfaces for preventing tissue damage, finding a mattress with the right comfort and support, to precisely measuring tire tread designs and capturing airbag impact pressures — our sensors offer industry-leading capabilities.

Accurate. Repeatable.

State-of-the-art measurement accuracy, repeatability, and speed backed by our ISO 17025 accreditation. Outstanding sensor stability means hundreds of recordings or long duration testing without recalibration.

Durable. Thin. Conformable.

Industry-leading reliability ensures sensors will not fail with thousands of cycles. Flexible construction ensures accurate measurements on surfaces with complex contours.

Broad range of sizes, pressure, and resolution.

Scalable technology with sensor resolution as small as 1 mm, sensor size from 2 cm up to over 2 m, and calibrated pressure ranges between 0.1 psi and 500 psi.


Capture via durable, scalable sensors.

XSENSOR's sensors are scalable from ultra-small sensors for measuring finger contact pressure or medical probe forces to capturing footprint pressure on massive aircraft, mining, and agriculture tires all with outstanding durability.



Accurately measure the broadest range of pressures.

The X series (PX/LX/IX/HX) of sensors are available calibrated with the pressure range suitable for the required working pressures in your application. Whether you are measuring the fit of pressure garments, or characterising industrial process equipment, XSENSOR can provide a sensor to accurately measure the span of pressures applied.



Analyze at the highest resolution.

With sensor pitch as fine as 1 mm, XSENSOR has a range of standard and custom resolutions to ensure the pressure data from the  smallest feature to be measured and resolved in the visual pressure image is captured.


Specifications & Performance

Quality data starts with accurate, reliable sensors.  XSENSOR’s industry leading capacitive sensors are the combination of proprietary materials, sensor design, and tightly controlled in-house manufacturing processes. 

Thin, conformable sensors scale from low-pressure ranges measuring the lightest human touch and ultra-small sensing areas to ultra-large sensors capable of measuring the largest mining tires manufactured.

High-reliability and calibration stability ensure stable repeatable data for the life of the sensors in many of XSENSOR's products.

Leading accuracy and repeatability of 5% full-scale after 100,000 cycles

Resolution as high as 1.1 mm

Calibration ranging from 0.1 to 500 psi

Durable sensors with no recalibration required

Ultra thin





Pressure Range N/cm2

0.07 - 2.7
(0.1 - 3.87)

0.07 - 22.1
(0.1 - 32)

0.69 - 206
(1 - 300)

0.07 - 88.3
(0.1 - 128)

Resolution in

0.1 - 1.25 
(2.54 - 31.75)

0.1 - 1.25 
(2.54 - 31.75)

0.045 - 0.2
(1.15 - 5.08)

0.2 - 1.25
(5.08 - 31.75)

Frequency Response

(3 dB point = 3 Hz)

(3 dB point up to 80 Hz)

(3 dB point up to 140 Hz)
*limited by hardware

(3 dB point >140 Hz)


Best Practices for Selecting Pressure Imaging Systems

Many pressure sensor manufacturers make claims about accuracy that almost never translate into reliable readings in the field. This guide will explain: how many factors can affect pressure sensor accuracy, including the type of sensor (capacitive vs. resistive); how a sensor is manufactured; what calibration process is used; and how long the sensor can be used before it needs re-calibration.

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