Tire Footprint Testing

Accurate data for tires of any size

Whatever your challenge, our IX500 series tire testing sensor solutions can handle it. Inside the laboratory or outside in the environment, they deliver reliable, accurate measurements at surface and subsurface, beneath sand or soil. They’re available in a full range of sizes and pressure ranges that are suitable for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment used in agriculture, mining, forestry and construction.


You’ll find a turn-key solution to fit nearly every testing need, including tire profiling, tire bead pressures, tread contact analysis, and soil compaction testing. And if we don’t have what you need, then we can engineer and manufacture a custom solution that matches your test specifications.

Better by design

For nearly 20 years, XSENSOR has supplied industry-leading sensor technologies to many of the global leaders in tire design, research and manufacturing. Building on these long-standing, collaborative relationships, our engineers have developed proprietary materials and processes that substantially improve sensor accuracy, reliability and repeatability. Today, our industry-leading IX500 series sensor solutions are designed, manufactured, and factory-calibrated at our ISO 17025 accredited facilities.

Reliable, accurate performance

We engineer, design and manufacture our own sensors, and have developed many innovations in capacitive sensor technology. As a result, we have substantially minimized the effects of hysteresis, creep and compression set for all of our sensors. Our IX500 series sensors are proven to retain measurement accuracy, across repeated measurement cycles. With periodic recalibration, their reliability, accuracy and performance remain very high throughout their useful lifetime.

Calibration stability and data integrity


In capacitive sensing, the compression characteristics of the sensor materials determine the calibration stability of the sensor. Our proprietary materials are engineered to ensure our sensors maintain the highest levels of calibration stability. The result is that IX500 sensors do not need to be recalibrated before each use, and data integrity is maintained.

Superior imaging


XSENSOR Pro software has been the industry leader for interface pressure testing and measurement for many years. Easy-to-use and very stable, Pro is the go-to tool for tire design, research and manufacturing teams. It records 2D and 3D tire pressure images, and calculates lengths, ratios, contact areas, gross contact areas, and groove area fractions. Pro supports adjustment of applied measurement lines, and automatically recalculates measurements. You can display up to three position images at once, complete with summary statistics and measurements.

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Accurate and reliable for repeated use.


Excellent image resolution at pressure up to 500 psi and resolutions to 1.15 mm sensels. 


Complete analysis tools in industry-leading XSENSOR Pro V8 software.


+/-10% full scale error and outstanding repeatability.

Test & Measurement Product Catalog