ForeSite® Intelligent Surface (IS) is an AI-powered continuous skin monitoring mattress system that allows clinicians to individualize care which improves patient safety and reduces staff workload.

The prevention of pressure injuries requires a knowledge-based patient turn regimen — but without the ability to see where those pressures exist, there is no way to know for sure how best to adjust the patient’s position, or whether the patient’s move has relieved the elevated pressure and allowed the tissue to re-oxygenate.

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Intelligent Surface System

The ForeSite Intelligent Surface system can continuously monitor skin risk and pressure with a mattress or overlay.

It can also identify highest-risk patients and body regions using detailed image visualizations and alerting, and track individualized patient turn plans at the bedside and nursing station.


Mattress, Overlay, & Microclimate

Lead in patient safety.

Continuously monitor skin risk and pressure with a mattress system or enhance existing mattresses with an overlay.

Validate patient repositioning has effectively redistributed pressures and reduce the risk of injury with real-time pressure images.

Redistribute pressure with an advanced redistribution surface. Manage moisture with an optional microclimate.



Improve staff workload productivity.

Identify highest-risk patients and body regions using detailed image visualizations.

Confirm effective prevention and improve healing management.

Ensure compliance with turn guidelines.

Support continuous improvement and research with aggregate reporting.



Individualize patient care with AI/ML.

Track individualized patient turn plans at the bedside and nursing station.

Use display pressure markers to clearly identify areas of the body that have been under sustained pressure.

Optimize patient turning regimens based on past anonymized HIPAA-compliant data.


Key Features

Sensor-enabled advanced pressure redistributing surface. Proprietary multi-zone mattress design composed of pressure relieving foam.

Overlay uses more than 1,500 undetectable integrated sensors.

Optional active microclimate layer uses positive airflow — combined with cleanable vapor-permeable cover to manage moisture.

Bedside viewer software uses a touchscreen monitor that displays real-time pressure images — and a turn clock to visually notify the clinician when it’s time to adjust the patient’s body position.

Centralized dashboard provides real-time, detailed injury risk and turn history for all monitored patients.

Cloud database provides access to individual and multi-patient history reports for compliance review and development of best practice.

Mattress with thousands of integrated sensors or universal sensor overlay are medically-certified with disinfectable covers — cleanable AAMI TIR-30:211 standard-certified.


Ultimate Guide to Pressure Injury Prevention in Hospitals

With tens of thousands of hospital-acquired pressure injuries developing every year in American hospitals, it’s important to implement prevention strategies that work — for your patients and your staff.

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