Seating Design

Conformable & accurate sensors


For engineers working to improve seating design in the automotive, aerospace, and ergonomics industries, having a seat pressure sensor that provides accurate data and conforms to the bolsters and form of a car seat provides crucial information about the seat/subject interface.

We have been working with seating design engineers for over 15 years to provide sensors that are thin, conformable, accurate, and stable. Our LX100 and LX210 pressure sensors are now standards with automotive seating designers for comfort evaluations, design verification, and ingress/egress modeling.

Sensors durable enough to withstand automotive seating test requirements

Due to their calibration stability and accuracy, the LX100 and LX210 pressure sensors provide consistent measurement over thousands of cycles in demanding conditions. Less frequent calibration means the sensors are continually available to support testing cycles. Calibration stability and measurement repeatability make our LX sensors ideal for use in:

Extended trials


Unlike other pressure sensors, the LX100 and LX210 are able to retain their accuracy over long duration tests: our sensors are capable of providing quality data in extended driving trials over 2-3 hours in duration.

Multiple subjects


Because our LX sensors do not have to be calibrated between uses, comfort testing with a series of subjects is efficient allowing you to reduce lab downtime costs.

Specifications & performance


A seat pressure sensor is designed to measure lower pressures at low applied loads and work with the same calibration to provide repeatable readings throughout the loading process or cycles of loadings. Our sensors possess +/- 5% accuracy and have the ability to consistently measure pressures as low as 0.1 psi, which means you can have confidence in the test data.

LX100 Series — Sensors calibrated from .07 to 2.7 N/CM2 (.1 to 3.87 PSI)

LX210 Series — Sensors calibrated from .07 to 10.3 N/CM2 (.1 to 15 PSI)

ISO 17025 certified pressure imaging sensor manufacturer


Unlike other sensors on the market, our sensors maintain their calibration due to the capacitive technology design used and the unique materials used to make these sensors. Our ISO 17025 accreditation means that we have demonstrated competency in producing accurate test and calibration data from our sensors. Your ISO registration requires your suppliers provide verified calibrated test equipment and recalibration processes to maintain your compliance.

Superior imaging software for seating design


XSENSOR Pro software has been the industry leader for interface pressure testing and measurement for many years. Easy-to-use and very stable, Pro V8 provides specific tools to the seating design industry, including the import of images or CAD drawings of seats alongside the ability to overlay pressure images to scale. Users can also apply sensor groups for detailed analysis tools of bolsters and other sections.

Test & Measurement Product Catalog



Accurate for extended duration testing.


Flexible, and conforms to surfaces with minimal interference. 


Complete analysis tools in industry-leading XSENSOR Pro V8 software.


3% or less full scale error after 100,000 loading cycles.