Mattress Design R&D

Evaluate and compare surface performance

Whether you are designing consumer mattresses, advanced hospital beds, or surgical surfaces, XSENSOR’s X3 R&D system has the tools you need to analyze and validate your mattress design. Top mattress manufacturers around the world use our systems to evaluate and verify the durability, comfort, and support of new mattress concepts and prototypes.

Pressure sensors ideal for mattress design

With a combination of accuracy, calibration stability, conformability, image quality, and durability, our high resolution mattress sensors and REVEAL X3 software provide the most advanced pressure imaging system available for mattress design.

Pressure sensor is very thin and flexible, so it conforms to the mattress, ensuring an accurate representation of pressure distribution

Pressure sensor provides superior, high resolution images of the body surface pressures

Pro V8 provides mattress designers with many tools to analyze, evaluate, and optimize mattress designs

Specifications & performance

With up to 10,240 sensing points at 0.5” (12.77 mm) resolution, the high-resolution sensor lets you compare, validate, and continuously improve your mattress designs for better pressure relief and support.

Our high-resolution sensors are known for accuracy, durability and repeatability. Sensors have low hysteresis, provide consistent data and are calibrated to 5-100 mmHg or 10-200 mmHg, with accuracy +/- 10% full scale.

We are the only ISO 17025 certified pressure imaging sensor manufacturer


Unlike other sensors on the market, our sensors maintain their calibration due to the capacitive technology design used and the unique materials used to make these sensors. Our ISO17025 accreditation means that we have demonstrated competency in producing accurate test and calibration data from our sensors. Your ISO registration requires your suppliers provide verified calibrated test equipment and recalibration processes to maintain your compliance.

Gather comprehensive pressure images and evaluate design options with powerful software

Our Pro V8 software provides a complete toolkit for recording pressure over time, identifying sensor groups for detailed study of specific body areas, and with extensive features for comparison and data export for external analysis.

Using the software, you can identify areas of high pressure and poor support. In particular, our software allows you to break down the sensing area into discrete sections to analyze data more closely.




(cm x cm)





Consistent results over thousands of measurements.


Flexible, and conforms to surfaces with minimal interference. 


1600 sensors provide precise images and reliable mattress recommendations.


+/-10% full scale error and outstanding repeatability.