Measuring the performance of surfaces is hard. And combining it with related sensor data — like motion or image data — is even harder.


Intelligent Dynamic Sensing enables precision measurements, highest quality visualizations, rich data and AI-powered analysis — resulting in optimized product performance, comfort and safety.

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing


Maximum performance sensing

Real-time measurement and highest quality visualization

Ai-powered data analysis and sensing optimization

Whether you are a clinician monitoring your patient, or a coach

tracking body dynamics on an athlete, or an engineer designing

a new product —

How do you ensure your wheelchair and immobile patients are comfortable, when you are not continuously

monitoring their skin condition, like you do today with every other human body system?

How can you optimize your athlete's running movements to make them more efficient, and help them avoid


How can you quantify and make better design engineering decisions to ensure the safest, and most competitive

product gets manufactured?

Listen to Murray Vince, Chief Strategy Officer at XSENSOR Technology, speak with Mark Bailey of the Design for AI podcast about the process of getting machine learning to work in medical applications.


because of hidden data,

new products are designed everyday but are not fully optimized to ensure the best outcomes.

Concealed surface and dynamic data means that immobile patients, who are limited in their daily movement to sitting or lying in a bed,  can experience elevated pressure in body regions; these cause tissue deformation and pressure ulcer formation. 

Many products are returned as consumers and retailers are unsatisfied due to poor design. And consumers can be injured due to ineffective product testing. 

Concealed surface data means that millions of consumers experience the wrong shoes, affecting their daily comfort.

It means that athletes cannot reach their peak performance, and increase their risk for injury.

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing reveals both surface and dynamic data.

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing Platform

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing reveals the data across industrial, consumer, clinical, and human body performance applications.

Powerful software can continually capture, measure, visualize, and adapt to the sensor conditions in realtime.

With AI-based algorithms the intelligent dynamic sensing platform can now monitor, alert, and analyze data from surfaces and dynamic motion. The platform enables new models for better predictive diagnosis and prognosis. And with distributed surface sensor edge nodes across the network, actionable insights can occur at the point of sensing.

Intelligent surface and dynamic sensors can collaborate and share data with other sensors. Data can aggregate in the cloud, privately and securely, together with public and private data sets, to drive insight, identify anomalies, and predict outcomes. Continuously, all in realtime.

No more concealed surface or dynamic data.


Safer products.


Improved comfort and quality of human life.


Optimized human performance.