High Speed Tire Sensors

The future of dynamic tire testing.


Capture accurate, high-resolution tire footprint pressure data at speeds up to 150 km/h.

Dynamic tire testing

Acquiring and processing reliable interface pressure data for tire footprints at 150 km/h requires high performance pressure imaging sensors. XSENSOR’s high speed tire sensors record at over 450 frames per second, and provide accurate high-resolution pressure distributions during dynamic tire analysis and suspension kinematic testing. Engineers can analyze the performance of designs and evaluate the effect of changes by comparing accurate pressure data.

Tire Tread Pressure using HX510:256.256.16 Resolution: 1.54 mm
Pressure Range: 3-137.9 N/cm2

Specifications & Performance

  • HX Tire sensors contain over 65,000 sensing points that are sampled at over 450 frames per second*

  • The unique data logger can be triggered remotely for repeated testing procedures

  • HX sensors have a fast response rate and high-speed calibration that provides consistent and repeatable results on a cell by cell basis, so you are able to capture exactly what happens during tire tests

  • XSENSOR’s feature-rich HS Pro V8 software allows you to view live or post-process and then analyze the data


ISO 17025 Certified Pressure Imaging Manufacturer

Your ISO 17025 registration requires your suppliers to provide verified calibrated test equipment and recalibration processes to maintain your compliance. Unlike other sensors on the market, our sensors maintain their calibration due to the capacitive technology design used and the unique materials used to make these sensors. Our ISO 17025
accreditation means that we have demonstrated competency in producing accurate test and calibration data from our sensors.

High speed pressure sensors paired with superior imaging software

XSENSOR’s HS Pro V8 software allows you to view live or post-process and then analyze the data in the full featured Pro V8 software. Recordings can be triggered remotely and synchronized with other high speed data acquisition devices, allowing you to fully evaluate test scenarios and compare designs and modifications.

Industry applications

In response to industry demand, XSENSOR developed a high speed pressure sensor system and coupled it with our industry leading accurate tire sensor technology. Acquiring pressure distribution data for a tire footprint at 80 km/h requires fast and responsive pressure imaging sensors combined with powerful software tools.

HX tire sensors are designed to provide accurate, repeatable readings through the entire calibration range at high speeds. Calibration is maintained due to the capacitive technology used and the unique high response materials used to make these sensors.

HX sensors are low profile, so they can be easily implemented in drive testing scenarios. HX sensors for high speed tire footprint measurement are reliable and durable for repeated use in a test track environment. Our software provides specific tools for tire designers for attaining contact patch measurement and calculations which are used to generate groove area calculations, and tread pattern contact.

Additional applications include design and testing of helmets and other sports protective equipment, body armor and tactical gear, and work safety and fall protection equipment. These sensors are ideally suited for vibration testing where high frame rates are required. For engineers and designers, understanding pressure distribution in these applications will provide information necessary to meet design objectives for optimal performance, regulatory compliance and user comfort.