Gait & Motion Research Insoles

Dynamic High-Resolution, In-The-Field Lab-Quality Data with XSENSOR®’s Fully-Wireless X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System

XSENSOR’s X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System provides the most accurate plantar pressure and gait data available in any test environment. With high-speed recording in compact, discreet on-shoe Bluetooth®-enabled, wireless electronics paired with durable high-resolution sensors, the X4 system offers ease-of-use and assurance of quality test data for biomechanics professionals.

Wireless & Undetectable

Athletes and research subjects can execute any natural motion with no measurement influence. The thin, flexible sensors and compact on-shoe Bluetooth-enabled electronics are virtually undetectable to the user.

Lab-Quality Data

XSENSOR’s proprietary capacitive sensor technology combined with high-speed sampling means users can collect in-shoe data from 230 sensels at 150 Hz. This industry-leading accuracy offers repeatable data at +/-5% full-scale error with no calibration required, even after 60,000 cycles.

Robust Sensors & Electronics

The sensors are durable and reliable, making them ideal for continuous use in research or sports performance testing. The easy-to-use sensors are ready out of the box and support trouble-free testing. Lab time is valuable and with the X4 system, users can keep set-up time to minutes.

Feature-Rich Software & Remarkable Imagery

XSENSOR’s Pro Foot & Gait software has all the necessary features you will need for collection, review, and analysis.


With highest quality pressure data and imagery, and easy-to-use tools like auto-step detection, users can immediately perform gait analysis or use flexible export options for post-analysis.


ULTRA THIN at <2mm

Sensors conform to the footbed of the shoe and are virtually undetectable to the wearer.


Complete analysis for research and performance using XSENSOR’s X4 Pro Foot & Gait software.


3% or less full-scale error after 100,000 loading cycles.