Gait Analysis Walkway

Capture Dynamic High-Resolution Gait Data Anywhere with XSENSOR®’s Easy-to-Use, Ultra-Low Profile, & Portable Walkway Sensor

XSENSOR’s Walkway Sensor provides an accurate way to analyze and evaluate striding, walking, and running gait and plantar pressure data. With an ultra-low profile and portable design, biomechanics professionals, clinicians, and researchers can check pressure distributions or assess gait in the clinic, lab, office, or anywhere with a flat surface. With high-speed dynamic recording in the sensor packs paired with a durable, flexible, and high-resolution sensor, the Walkway Sensor offers ease of use and high-integrity data and imagery.

Mobile & Portable

With plug-and-play functionality, the portable Walkway Sensor is fast to set-up, ready to record in minutes, and can be easily rolled for transportation or storage. The flexible sensor is durable and easily cleaned and maintained to ensure continuous use in clinical, human performance, or research settings.

Lab-Quality Data

XSENSOR’s proprietary capacitive sensor technology combined with high-speed sampling allows users to collect dynamic data from 7,500 sensing points. The sensor is calibrated at 1-128 psi and with a pressure resolution of 0.01 psi ensures data integrity for assessment, research, or clinical study.

Remarkable Imagery

With highest quality dynamic pressure data and imagery, users can review high-accuracy, high-resolution data to see gait attributes and pressure points in real-time.

Reliable Sensors & Electronics

The large sensing area (measuring 95” x 20”) and ultra-low profile design ensures the Walkway Sensor does not affect or influence natural gait measurement or movement. The system includes three sensor packs and a hub for dynamic high-speed recording.

Feature-Rich Software & Easy-To-Use Tools

XSENSOR’s Pro Foot & Gait software features tools to allow collection, review, and analysis of gait and plantar pressure data. The robust software allows users to compare sessions side-by-side, analyze pressure and load statistics, and view peak pressure and center of pressure.



Thin, flexible, and portable sensor can be transported and set-up on any flat surface.


Complete analysis for biomechanics, clinical, and research testing using XSENSOR’s X4 Pro Foot & Gait software.


5% or less full-scale error after 100,000 loading cycles.