Improve Surgical Patient Safety

ForeSite OR is a continuous skin monitoring system that helps reduce the risk of pressure injury for surgical patients.

Our technology is used world-wide by these industry leaders.

Improve your patient care.

ForeSite OR is a continuous skin monitoring system that reveals persistent elevated pressure point at the precise location on a patient's body and analyzes the data. You get visual, easy-to-understand pressure images and the actionable information you need to ensure safe surgical positioning. This individualized care reduces the risk of pressure injuries to improve care and safety for perioperative patients.


Accurate Skin Pressure

ForeSite OR is powered by XSENSOR's Intelligent Dynamic Sensing, giving you the benefits of powerful visualization, rich data and AI-powered analysis to  improve perioperative safety for your patients.

Integrated Sensors

Premium surgical table pads with integrated wireless sensing are compatible with existing surgical tables. Independent sensors are available for limb positioners and support devices.

Safety Position & Monitor

Easy-to-understand images let you position with confidence, while continued monitoring informs adjustments and continuity of care post surgery. Save and record data for research or reference.

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