Clinical Gait Assessment Insoles

Make Confident Clinical Decisions with Reliable, High-Resolution Lab-Quality Insole Pressure Data with XSENSOR®’s Easy-To-Use X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System

For foot clinicians and physical therapists, XSENSOR’s X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System provides accurate, easy to use gait, foot function, and plantar pressure data for any patient evaluation scenario. With fast, compact, and discreet on-shoe wireless electronics paired with durable high-resolution sensors, the X4 system offers ease of use and assurance of quality test data to better understand the impact of surgical or therapeutic interventions and pathology. The X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System is ideal in providing real-time feedback for patients who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers and is part of an effective treatment plan.

Unparalleled Imagery

With highest quality dynamic pressure data and imagery, clinicians and researchers can review high-accuracy, high-resolution data to see a patient’s pressure points in real-time and can adjust the foot care plan as required.

XSENSOR’s Foot & Gait VU software provides high-resolution images for fast, confident decision making and our Pro version has all the necessary features and tools for clinicians interested in more detailed analysis of patient’s progress. With the easy-to-use file manager, users can display and compare multiple recordings side-by-side, complete with summary statistics and measurements, and generate reports.

Lab-Quality Data

XSENSOR’s proprietary capacitive sensor technology combined with high-speed sampling means users can collect anatomically accurate in-shoe data from 230 sensels. This industry-leading accuracy offers repeatable data at +/-5% full-scale error with no calibration required, even after 60,000 cycles.

Wireless & Undetectable

Patients can perform any natural motion with no measurement influence from the insole sensors. The thin, flexible sensors and compact on-shoe electronics are unnoticeable to the user.

Robust Sensors & Electronics

The durable and reliable sensors are ideal for continuous use in clinical or research settings. The easy-to-use sensors are ready out of the box and support trouble-free testing.



Complete analysis for clinical and research testing using XSENSOR’s X4 Pro Foot & Gait software.

ULTRA-THIN at <2 mm

Sensors conform to the footbed of the shoe and are virtually undetectable to the wearer.


3% or less full-scale error after 100,000 loading cycles.