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MLP Group

Launch of new technologies, using XSENSOR's insole pressure mapping system, helps hockey clubs and training camps.


Testing Technology

The article “Seat First”  explored improving the passenger experience as suppliers strive to meet a lengthening list of seating requirements.

Conference 2019

Seat Design Characteristics Affecting Occupant Safety in Low- and High-Severity Rear-Impact Collision

Business In 


XSENSOR has continued to innovate to keep up with customer needs across industries requiring pressure imaging technology.

Alvo Medical

ALVO and XSENSOR announce the launch of unique integrated pressure monitoring interface for operating tables

Sleep Retailer

Sleep Retailer featured REVEAL by XSENSOR and how the solution has helped mattress retailers increase their sales in the USA.

Crash Test 


Crash Test Technology International featured XSENSOR’s development and advancements with high speed sensors.

Crash Test Technology

Crash Test Technology International featured XSENSOR and examined how high-resolution pressure imaging measuring high-impact interfaces can provide new insight into injury biomechanics.


Testing Expo

Automotive Testing Expo highlighted XSENSOR’s innovations in passive safety and passenger protection in automobiles.


Design for AI, by Mark Bailey

Murray Vince, Chief Strategy Officer at XSENSOR Technology, speaks with Mark Bailey of Design for AI about the process of getting machine learning to work in medical applications.

Conference 2019


Detection of Driver Posture Change of Seat Measurement



Furniture Today highlighted why Mattress shoppers want better in-store experiences and how XSENSOR technology can help.


Novel Sensing for Better and Safer Care