Reduced sleep quality — caused by difficulty falling or staying asleep— has negative effects on all major systems in the body  impacting energy, mood, concentration, and overall health.

Lack of proper rest can cause, elevated anxiety depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability, weight gain, impaired work or school performance.

Sleeping on a mattress that does not provide proper support and comfort can reduce sleep quality.

Finding the right one is hard for consumers today. 


Mattress retailers need tools to measure individual pressure points and give consumers the confidence that they have found the right mattress for their body.


Mattress manufacturers need tools to design the best performing beds to ensure product differentiation in the market and increase revenue growth. 

Sleep Improvement


Percentage of Americans

ages 20–59 report having sleeping difficulties. 


Percentage of adults who

lack adequate sleep.


Return rate for beds-in-box, much higher than leading bedding specialty retailer.

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing helps mattress manufacturers design, retailers sell, and consumers experience the best beds — with the highest levels of sleep comfort.

Design optimal mattresses using detailed body pressure, support and position data.

Improve sleep quality using powerful visualizations to understand healthy sleep posture and comfort.

Sell the right mattress to consumers — tailor fit mattresses to individual support and comfort needs.

AI-powered data analysis provides design validation and individualized sleep surface insights.

Hospital bed covered with XSENSOR's low-pressure PX100-series sensor for mattress and clinical surface design.

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