Design & Safety Testing

There is a lack of quantified surface data on product performance during instantaneous measurement, as well as over a sustained period of time. 

Product designers and engineers know how hard it is to make smart product design and performance tradeoff decisions.

This results in non-optimized designs and product features that can result in potential safety concerns. It also leads to additional design and test efforts that often can only be identified in product use. 

Our product design and safety testing solutions will lead to improved design and safer products by providing maximum performance sensing, and the highest quality visualizations. 


Automakers &

suppliers paid for

US recalls in 2016


Companies can reduce quality costs vs quality management


Consumers read

safety reviews when

purchasing a vehicle 

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing ensures that engineers can verify that product designs have the highest levels of performance and safety.  

Maximize dynamic sensing accuracy, reliability and precision.

High quality visualizations provide product performance and real-time design insight.


Provide actionable product performance insights using advanced analysis AI-powered algorithms . 

Our Solutions

A crash test dummy with an impact sensor on its chest under a seatbelt to measure pressure of the seatbelt during an impact.

Vehicle Safety  & Impact Testing

High-speed racing vehicle driving rapidly around a race track.

Dynamic Tire Testing

XSENSOR's X3 Pro sensor packs and sensors on a vehicle seat measures and analyzes pressure for automotive seating design.

Seating Design

XSENSOR's IX500-series high-pressure, high-resolution tire testing sensor with a vehicle tire parked on it.

Tire Footprint Testing

Windshield wiper sensor resting between a vehicle windshield and its wiper.

Automotive Component Design

Person wearing a backpack and a body pressure sensor to measure the pressure of the backpack against the surface of the body.

Ergonomics & Biomechanics

A vehicle tire with a tire bead sensor measures the pressure distribution of the tire bead seal.

High Interface Pressure

Human body form indenter about to press onto a sensor tests accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and durability of sensors.

Inline Quality Assurance

A child's car-seat against a black background.

Product Safety

Close-up of semiconductor wafer material and components.

Semiconductor Wafer Processing