In this webinar, our expert panel including performance ultramarathon runner Dave Proctor and his strength and conditioning coach Carla Robbins, will review the high-resolution dynamic plantar pressure data captured during one of Dave's long-distance 100 km outdoor runs. The review, analysis, and discussion will cover such things as how different pairs of shoes can impact gait; how Dave’s foot strike changed over the course of 100 km; and how intervention strategies implemented part-way through the run affected his running performance.


You Will:

  • Understand how high-resolution lab-quality pressure data can provide insights into how gait changes over long distance outdoor runs.

  • Learn how plantar pressure data can be used to analyze asymmetries and variabilities in gait.

  • Experience how to analyze the benefits of specific interventions undertaken at intervals during a long distance 100 km outdoor run.

FREE Webinar: Out of the Lab (Part 2)

Improve Running Performance Using New High-Resolution Insole Sensor Technology

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