High Interface Pressure

Accurate data for high pressure

For design and test engineers who need quality data for high interface pressures ranging between 15 psi and 500 psi, XSENSOR’s high resolution pressure sensors have proven themselves to be accurate and reliable.

Over the past two decades, we have been approached by industrial process, design engineers and automotive component designers to supply high pressure sensors. These sensors are used in the design and testing of tire treads, production presses, brake pads, tire beads and other industrial applications.

Pressure imaging sensors that capture data in extreme applications

Pressure sensors used in high pressure applications must be able to provide repeatable and accurate pressure distribution measurements. Our sensors minimize creep and drift that can compromise high pressure measurement.

Designed for demanding interface testing


When testing automotive components and industrial process equipment, sensors can be subjected to very high pressures. XSENSOR’s high pressure sensors are durable and repeatable even after exposure to pressures at the high end of the calibration range.

Designed for data under high pressure


XSENSOR’s high pressure sensors provide an accurate measurement of an interface’s true surface pressure. Unlike competitors, XSENSOR’s high pressure sensors provide accurate data and pressure resolution through the entire calibration range.

Optimizing sensors for high-pressure contacts


High pressure sensors can be customized with extra-durable covers that make them ideal for use in high-pressure applications such as a brake pressure sensor or in disc clutch design.

Specifications & performance

Our high pressure sensors all capture accurate data, and are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes, pressure ranges, and other application specific design details.

ISO 17025 certified pressure imaging sensor manfacturer

Unlike other sensors on the market, our sensors maintain their calibration due to the capacitive technology design used and the unique materials used to make these sensors. Our ISO 17025 accreditation means that we have demonstrated competency in producing accurate test and calibration data from our sensors. Your ISO registration requires your suppliers provide verified calibrated test equipment and recalibration processes to maintain your compliance.

Superior imaging software for automotive design

XSENSOR Pro software has been the industry leader for interface pressure testing and measurement for many years. Our software provides specific design tools to the automotive industry, including the ability to overlay pressure images to scale and apply grouping and analysis tools.

The software allows the user a range of options to view 2D and 3D pressure data. Frame and multi-frame compare options provide an easy way to review test stages. Graphing tools are available for review of pressure distribution and pressure over time data. You can select specific frames of data and areas within the image for more detailed analysis. Additional features including video sync and measurement tools provide advanced ability to analyze the pressure interface. File management features allow for editing and merging files so that the data set is representative of your test cycle.

Test & Measurement Product Catalog



Accurate and reliable for repeated use.


Excellent image resolution at pressure up to 500 psi and resolutions to 1.15 mm sensels.


Complete analysis tools in industry-leading XSENSOR Pro V8 software.


+/-10% full scale error and outstanding repeatability.