Continuous Skin Monitoring 

Intelligent Dynamic Sensing provides actionable information to help clinicians improve patient safety.

Improve patient safety by continuous monitoring of skin pressure exposure. 

Individualize care using visual risk information and confirmation of safe offloading. 

AI-powered algorithms inform advanced prevention strategies to maintain healthy skin for at risk patients.


Annual number

of people in US

who develop

pressure ulcers


Number of  Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPUs)/Injuries

related patient

death in US per year


HAPUs attributed

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Intelligent Dynamic Sensing provides easy to understand

information to help clinicians take action.

Monitor patients on surgical tables and in hospital beds.

Identify persistent pressure to the precise body location.

Predict where pressure ulcers will occur on a patient's body.

Reduce pressure and prevent ulcers from occurring.

Doctors in sterile gear use equipment and tools to perform surgery on a patient lying on a surgical table.

Surgical Table Monitoring

A nurse monitors a patient's skin using XSENSOR's ForeSite PT Patient Turn system while the patient lays in a hospital bed.

Hospital Bed Monitoring

A physical therapist monitors a patient's skin with XSENSOR's ForeSite SS Seat System as the patient sits in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Seating