Nip Roller Pressure Measurement

Analyze Static or Dynamic Pressure Distribution Nip Footprints with XSENSOR®’s Easy-To-Use Nip Roller Pressure Measurement System

Machine set-up has never been easier, or more accurate, than when using XSENSOR’s Nip Roller Pressure System. The system captures static or dynamic nip footprints between nip and pinch rolls. Offering outstanding accuracy and repeatability, you can view the pressure distribution in real-time or as a recorded file for post-analysis.

Generate accurate, precise, reliable, and repeatable results quickly and easily.

With continuous thickness and compressibility across the entire contact area, the nip roller sensor allows you to measure pressure distribution without disrupting the balance of your rollers. The sensor uses a proprietary diamond-shaped design that maximizes the sensing elements and eliminates electronic noise when measuring, offering the most accurate visualization of your nip footprint.

The Nip Roller Pressure System is versatile and can be configured to measure any area between nip and pinch rolls.

Ensure proper balance and calibration between your rollers to prevent misalignment of your equipment or product damage. The Nip Roller Pressure System was designed for companies and manufacturers that rely on accuracy and repeatability of their own machines. XSENSOR’s Nip Roller Pressure System provides quantifiable, unbiased data and visualizations that help get your machines properly aligned, balanced, and calibrated.

ISO 17025 certified pressure sensor manufacturer.

Your ISO 17025 registration requires your suppliers to provide verified calibrated test equipment and recalibration processes to maintain your compliance. Unlike other sensors on the market, our sensors maintain their calibration due to the capacitive technology design used and the unique materials used to make these sensors. Our ISO 17025 accreditation means that we have demonstrated competency in producing accurate test and calibration data from our sensors.



Accurate and reliable for repeated use.


Complete analysis tools in industry-leading XSENSOR Pro V8 software.


3% or less full scale error after 100,000 loading cycles.