Our primary pressure sensors are the:  LX100, PX100, LX210, and IX500.  




Our most accurate sensors, they offer consistent measurements in low pressure applications 2.7N/cm2 (3.87psi).  These sensors provide researchers with low hysteresis, high repeatability, and minimal creep characteristics. Typical users of our LX100 sensors include automotive and aircraft seating specialists as well as medical product research and design teams investigating long term human interface pressure.  The LX100 series have excellent repeatability and calibration stability for collecting reliable and consistent data. 



These sensors are part of the organization's original platform and have been used for over 10 years within the Test and Measurement community for low pressure applications.  The PX100 series offers a variety of sizes and resolutions of conformable sensors that provide clear images.  Typical users of PX100 sensors include wiper blade designers, quality assurance specialists and biomechanics researchers looking at hand or fine imagery detail. 




The X3 LX210 replaces the LX200 series. They are designed as a conformable and durable sensor for measuring interface pressures. These capacitive sensors are ideal for assessing automotive and aerospace ingress-egress, seat design, and manufacturing quality. The LX210 series of sensors are highly accurate due to high repeatability, low hysteresis, and low creep characteristics. Due to their pressure range they have also been used in a variety of research and product testing environments.




These sensors are designed for high pressure 172N/cm2 (250psi) typically used for tire research and design.  The IX500 sensors are robust and can withstand variations in applied load and repeaded load cycle testing.  IX500 tire sensors range in size from car to truck models, to agriculture and tire testing requirements.  The IX500 sensors are made in a variety of sizes and resolutions and can be used in numerous test and measurement environments. 


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